School Shooting News of the Day: A gunman who fired at students inside the cafeteria of Chardon High School in Ohio has claimed the life of at least one student, and injured four others.

The assailant, caught near his car a half-mile from the school, was identified by an injured student as fellow classmate T.J. Lane.

“My friends were crawling on the floor, and one of my friends was bent over the table, and he was shot,” said junior Nate Mueller. “It was almost like a firecracker went off. I turned around and saw [T.J.] standing with a gun and I saw him take a shot.”

Mueller said he and Lane were friends throughout middle school, but Lane “went a separate way” in high school.

The suspect is currently being held at a juvenile detention facility.

According to eyewitnesses, the shooter entered the school early this morning, and began firing a handgun inside the cafeteria around 7:30 AM. One of the students who managed to escape reported some 100 individuals were present inside the cafeteria at the time.

“Everybody just started running,” said student Megan Hennessy, who was in class at the time of the shooting. “Everyone was running and screaming down the hallway.”

There are 1,100 students in all at Chardon.

[ap / plaindealer.]

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    Terrible. :(
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    Please pray for these individuals.
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    This should never ever happen. There is always a better solution.
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    The thing is, Chardon is a nicer neighborhood and because of that, it’s getting a bunch of attention because it’s...